About Us

Atlas Trading is a leading company in the field of distribution. Atlas aims to achieve its vision and mission according to a set of basic values ​​that define its identity as an entity that seeks to create an environment of integrated business and includes the following:

1- Ethical and Social Commitment: Gaining respect through our commitment to moral and ethical standards for what our true religion and the norm of our society impose on us.

2- Belonging and loyalty: Atlas seeks to create a state of belonging to the small Atlas community by offering real value to all partners.
3- Professionalism: Atlas keeps pace with the vision with high professionalism, starting with market research, passing through international exhibitions, and ending with measuring customer satisfaction.
4- Comprehensiveness: Atlas always strives to achieve inclusiveness and integration in the company’s various sectors and to expand the volume of its products and services to suit all markets.
5- Quality: Atlas is committed to the highest standards of product and service quality, always striving for the utmost development.
6- Cooperation: We work in a group spirit, cooperate transparently, and exchange knowledge to achieve the best.
7- Creativity and Uniqueness: Atlas welcomes any constructive initiatives from its clients, employees or partners, as a practical application of the principle of cooperation and business integration adopted by Atlas.


Add a new concept in the world of distribution through the quality and speed of delivery, source unification and ease demand while ensuring product quality.


To be a leading model for the distribution companies at national, regional and international levels and contribute to meeting the customer’s needs in time and place according to the highest standards of professionalism.

General Business Activities:

Atlas Distribution is one of the companies of OSAMA AL NAIM GROUP and also the master and main distributer for 3M Automotive product in Saudi Arabia. The company been established as a distri- bution company in Al Hasa KSA. according to our strong base of our staff and employees and the strategy of the company we own the market with almost complete cover- age and we considered as one of the leading distribution companies in K.S.A.


Have qualified sales team
Supply chain team (stock, payment & Data flow)
Over 1000 customer, A B segments.
knowledge & experiences
Energetic, power & youth (27 years old average ages).
Big portfolio 600 product (PPF, AWF &BS).
Intelligence marketing – needs, want & demand modules.
Customer satisfaction, on time compensation.
Express delivery.
Value added (credit, training, consulting).
Very good financial power & reputation.
Geographical coverage, stores, channel net work.

Your service is our gladness

Mission Statement:

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core Values:

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith we grow through creativity, invention and innova- tion. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Regional expansion in the field of distribution and devel- op a strong base of key customers. Increase the invest- ments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field of distribu- tion and become a key player in the industry.

Chairman's Speach

it was once said that as soon as you dream a dream or make a decision, the universe conspires to achieve it, and I say believe it. A dream without determination, persistence, and endeavor remains a beautiful wish, for with them it has become a reality.

And the greater the dream, the harder the challenges.

I still remember the year 2009 when the first core of this great establishment was planted, and the challenges and difficulties that we faced. Today, I look back at all those days and years that have passed with a look of pride in what we have achieved. During those years, our confidence in our potential and ability able to achieve more have increased. During that short period, we were able to grow tremendously that our group now comprises of a number of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various fields. Moreover, it includes one of the largest distribution companies in the Middle East. Thus, enjoying the honor of dealing and direct supplying to major clients and agencies in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region.

During that great period, we headed with a clear strategy and plan to expand and make the most out of the support and motivation that Saudi Arabia grants to business owners. Additionally, we will continue increasing our investments in all promising fields to provide opportunities for the youth, out of our belief and commitment to our national identity and to our role in society.

Atlas Chairman

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